Job scraper


Job scraper

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Product Description

  1. Get the gigantic job info and details in just a single sheet.
  2. Connect to the employer directly via phone or email.
  3. Compare different jobs.


Job scraper extracts following data from


Job Title/Description/Job Type/Location/Salary and many more job fields


Undoubtedly, it is quite a tedious and tiresome looking out for a good job in different online job portals. is one of the leading website of online recruiting, which works and focus completely to make more career opportunities. Many recruiting employers and agencies are connected to this websites. Instantaneously checking out numerous job options at a single database, can be quite impressive. The Jobsite scraper allows to see the latest openings and recruitment promptly in a single shot. After scrapping from the site, the info are automatically stored in excel or MySQL file format.

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