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Eat2Eat Scraper

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Highlights of Product

Eat2Eat Scraper highlights

  • Extracts all building details of website
  • Extract all building details in special manner as latitude & longitude
  • Very much compatible for all sort of Operating Systems such as- Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7

Additional Eat2Eat Scraper Services

  • Customized and save the data according to customer’s most desirable format
  • Able to provide the support for various proxies
  • High-level of Information collection Services
  • Every year Promised Maintenance

Eat2Eat Scraper extracts data from for listed below fields:

Full name / Building Name / Country / Fax / City / Phone / Email / Website / Cuisine / License / Description / Review / Rating / Price / Open Time / Ambiance / BYO / outdoor eating / Smoking / Seats / Banquet / disabled access / Catering / Parking / Chef / owner / Longitude / Latitude


If you are using site for extracting huge amounts of building details manually, definitely you will feel queasy. Right? Then we are pleased to inform that our Eat2Eat Scraper is the exact replica of real one that can extract huge data very easily so, it is the right time to undertake it and utilize the best service of data extraction form us . Our Scraper is able to modify the data extracting operations and store the extracted data according to your most desire format.

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